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Vimanas – Ancient Flying Machines?


Throughout my life I have read many references to the flying machines mentioned in the ancient Sanskrit texts which were called Vimanas. I have always thought that these Sanskrit texts may be mythological rather than factual historical accounts of real events, because they also tell of kings who possessed floating cities and apparent weapons of mass destruction, in a time period when men had not even invented the concept of the gun, but that little spark of Mulderic awe rebelliously twinkled away in the back of my mind saying “but what if…?”

A couple of years ago I read about the Sanskrit text known as “The Vimanika Shastra” which not only mentions Vimanans, but also describes how a vimana was to be built, how it should be flown and how its mechanics functioned.

This as you can imagine fired up my imagination. I was amazed that such a text could exist. My first question was how old is this specific text? I knew that most Sanskrit texts can be dated back to no more than the 4th century BC and are said to recount events that go back to possibly 3,000BC / 4,000BC.

Now when you are reading texts from five thousands years ago which speak of metal machines that could fly, your brain bubbles with complexities, because the people of this period of time were supposedly not aware or familiar with such possibilities. So for any author from that period of time to attempt to describe the inner workings of such a flying machine, instead of simply writing that they had seen one of these objects traversing the skies, to me seemed very fantastical…

…and then the Oz factor went BANG!




The ancient Sanskrit text that goes into so much thorough detail about these vimanas was not actually ancient? The text of the Vimanika Shastra is said to have been written in the early 20thcentury (approx. 1918 – 1923), a short time after the Wright brothers had shown the world that flight was a real possibility for mankind and not some Victorian novelist’s dream. On top of its contemporary dating, the Vimanika Shastra is also said to have been written or received by a form of divine inspiration called psychic channelling or automatic writing, a process which sounds very similar to how religious prophets claim to have received the words of god.

Psychic channeling allegedly involves a living person communicating with or being used by a spirit, demon, angel or god as a conduit to channel information from the spiritual plane to the physical plane. The occultist Aleister Crowley claimed to have written his famous work on the subject of magic, The Liber AL vel Legis (the Book of the Law – 1904) whilst under the guidance of a spiritual hand named Aiwass, which really gives a new meaning to the term “Ghost Writer” which is used by authors to describe anonymous assistants who help them to write their books.

Learning about this part of the origin of the Vimana Shastra gave me deep doubts about the credence of any of its contents in relation to substantiating the myth of the Indian vimanas, and then to add the icing to my doubtful cake, I came across the quote below on the hindu wisdom website…

“The Vamanika Shastra (Hindu edition) refers to about 97 works and authorities or yore of which at least 20 works deal with the mechanism of aerial flying machines, but none of these works are now traceable.”

Taken from…  http:/

“None of these works are now traceable?” Does that mean that we knew of copies that once existed but they no longer can be found, or does it mean that none of these alleged works have ever been seen and therefore might never have existed, and may just be random book titles supplied by a fraudulent author to add colour to his home made fable? mmm?

I then explored  alternative quotes and references to flying vimanas that were said to exist within the other ancient scripts of India, like The Mahabarata, The Rig Vedas, The Ramayana, etc… Can you imagine how surprised I was when I read the report from which I extracted the quote below…?

“Another significant point is the almost complete absence of any mention of use of aircraft in the innumerable Sanskrit texts of the post‐Vedic age. One text, namely “Samarangana Sutradhara” by Bhoja, deals with some description of aircraft, but does not quote any earlier work. What is more, Bhoja states that detailed description of their construction and other features will not be given lest the same be used for evil purpose by people?  The most important of texts like theRamayana and the Mahabharata make no mention of the use of aircraft for travel, military, or war purposes. The ‘Pushpak Vimana’ of Ramayana, as described therein, has no flying qualities except possibly by invocation of ‘mantras’ or ‘tantras’…”

Taken from….



(Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore‐560012 – Karnataka)

So, if dedicated scholars of these texts can not find any ANCIENT references toflying machines within these authentic ancient scriptures, why has modern man fixated on the possible existence of flying machines from India’s ancient past, when the main references to them are from a blatantly modern source?

Are there any other ancient texts that allude to the existence of men flying in ancient times?, and I do not mean flying in an angelic way with huge wings protruding from their shoulder blades, I mean men flying in man-made flying vehicles, or dare I say it, non man-made flying vehicles?, and please understand that I don’t mean flying vehicles made by women, I mean flying vehicles made by little green men from up there…


Further Reading:

The Vimanika Shastra – English translation by G.R. Josyer (1973) PDF




VYMANIKA SHASTRA Rediscovered (2001)

A project study conducted by wg. Cdr. M.P.Rao, etc. of Aeronautical Society of India on behalf of Aerospace Information Panel of Aeronautics Research and Development Board, New Delhi – 110011, India.
 Copyright: AR&DB, New Delhi, India





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