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Shoria or not Shoria?

Monolithic Madness: Shoria or not Shoria?

Gornaya Shoria (Mountain Shoria) – Kemerov, Siberia, Russia



There are a group of block shaped rocks in the Kemerov region of Russia, which are arranged in an apparent horizontal fashion that some people believe to be an ancient wall built by men.

I am personally still open minded as to whether this structure is actually a structure, but as you may know I love all types of monolithic madness, so I have gathered a selection of photos of the blocks in question to display here for you to gauge an opinion.

The first selection of photos are taken from choice positions and angles that benefit the manmade theory, and the second selection of photos rationalise the debate and show that mother nature may be the creative hand at work on Mount Shoria…

shoria block 17


shoria block 11


shoria block 7


shoria block 9


shoria block 8


shoria block 14


shoria block 16


shoria block 2


shoria block 3


WOW, you have to admit that the above photos really do show a structure that hints at being man made, but  now have a look at the selection of photos below that seem to show a very natural origin for the blocks of Mount Shoria…






shoria block 13


shoria block 12














shoria block 15






shoria block 18


shoria block 10



“The granite blocks impress with their dimensions. They are making up walls in a polygonal masonry technique. Geologists compare them with Stonehenge and Egyptian pyramids. The walls are 40 meters high, and they stretch for almost 200 meters. The length of some of the stones is about 20 meters, and their height is 5-7 meters. The weight of every block is more than 1000 tons.” …read more


The quote above gives the dimensions of this wall as being approx 40m high and 200m long, only two hundred metres long? Why on earth would anybody build a wall of these dimensions? It would have no defensive purpose unless accompanied by 2 or 3 other walls so as to form an enclosure, or if it was strategically positioned across a natural feature as a barricade, with adjoining natural features supplying the necessary security on the flanks, but it is not, and there are no visible signs of any other collapsed walls that may have adjoined this visible “wall”.

So ruling out defence, what other purpose would such a wall serve to its builders?

Although there are many flat surfaces and some almost right- angled blocks or shapes present in the stone walls of Mount Shoria, I am inclined to lean towards a natural origin for their construction or should I say formation? Layering from rock deposition combined with tectonic fractures creates right-angle planes of weakness such that rectangular blocks tend to weather out and separate from the bedrock. But, that does not eliminate the possibility that the blocks were worked & moved by ancient Siberians, it is just my observational opinion that they were not…

…So it would seem that in this episode of Monolithic Madness, the madness may be in the eye of the beholder, and not in the mind of an ancient builder… or is it?   –   Michael Snyder   –    Megaliths in Russia



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